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SHIRA SAGI Special Buffet Breakfast

Eleven To Thirty Special Items of our Buffet Breakfast are absolutely free for our valuable Room Guest (If we are arrange buffet breakfast).

Continental Breakfast @ BDT. 300 per package

1. Any of Fresh Juice (Papaya/Pineapple/Mango)
2. Toasted Bread with Jam. Jelly, Marmalade and butter
3. Cornflakes with Milk
4. Tea/Coffee
American Breakfast@ BDT.400 per package
1. Any of Fresh Juice (Papaya/Pineapple/Mango)
2. Toasted Bread with Jam. Jelly, Marmalade and butter
3. Cornflakes with Milk
4. Eggs any style of your choice (Scrambled, Omelet, Fried Egg, Boiled or Poached Eggs)
5. Tea/Coffee
Buffet Breakfast BDT.350

Customized Breakfast
SL. No Name of Food Price
101 Toasted Bread, Donut
(2pes of fresh Sandwich Bread come in Toasted
BDT. 100.00
102 Vegetable Bhazi
(Iportion of Fresh Seasonal Vegetable Cooked in Country Bhazi style)
BDT. 100.00
103 Chapati
(The traditional Bread of “South Asia, Making with Ground Fresh Flour)
BDT. 100.00
104 Dal Bhuna
(Another Traditional Food of “South Asia” Making with Fresh Lenten)
BDT. 100.00
105 Egg
(2 pcs Egg come in Fried, Pouched, Crumbled, Boiled, Spinach, Mushroom
or any of your Customized Style)
BDT. 100.00
106 Tea (Readymade/Separate) BDT. 40.00
107 Coffee (Readymade/Separate) BDT. 80.00
108 Masala Tea BDT. 50.00
109 Fresh Milk BDT. 100.00
Cold & Hot Appetizer
110 Shrimp Cocktail
(Boiled Shrimp prepare with Fresh Julianne Cucumber and Carrot,Toping
with Cocktail Sauce)
BDT. 350.00
111 Papa dam
(Indian Delicious Papa dam prepare of Grill, Toping with Chopped Tomato,
Cucumber and Onion)
BDT. 100.00
112 Chicken Corn stick (3Pcs)
(Chicken with corn deep fried)
BDT. 150.00
113 Fried Wonton
(8Pcs, Served with Chili Hot Sauce)
BDT. 100.00
114 Vegetable Corn Stick (3Pcs)
(Vegetable with corn deep Fried)
BDT. 120.00
115 Seasonal Mixed Salad
(Prepare with Fresh Cucumber, Tomato, Carrot, Capsicum, Onion and Lettuce,
with Italian or Choice of your Dressing)
BDT. 150.00
116 Milina Special Salad
(Potato, Ling Beans, Olive, Egg, Lotus leaf)
BDT. 260.00
117 Bangladeshi Salad
(Traditional Salad of Bangladesh Prepare with Fresh Cucumber, Tomato, Onion,
Hot Green Chili, Lemon Juice and Salt)
BDT. 120.00
118 Raita
(The Traditional Salad, from Indian Cuisine Served with the Curd and Cumins
Original Flavor )
BDT. 150.00
119 Chicken Salad
(Delicious Salad, from French Cuisine, Prepare with Grilled Julian Chicken,
Fresh Cucumber, Tomato, Capsicum, Apple, Pineapple and Lettuce, Dressed with Salt,
French Mustard, Whit Pepper and Fresh Mayonnaise)
BDT. 250.00
120 Thai Beef Salad
(Prepare with Grilled Beef, Fresh Tomato, Cucumber, and Coriander Leaf Dressed
with Lemon Grass Sauce)
BDT. 290.00
121 Caesar Salad
(Delicious Cheesy Salad From French Cuisine. Prepare with Warmed Chicken,
Fresh Lettuce, Bread Cru Ion and Permission Cheese.)
BDT. 220.00
122 Russian Salad
(Boiled Chicken with Mixed Apple, Potato, Pineapple, Cucumber, Mayonnaise
& Boiled Egg)
BDT. 250.00
123 Tom yam
(Traditional Clear Shrimp Soup from Thai Cuisine Prepare with Black Mushroom)
BDT. 180.00
124 Thai Soup
(Lemon Grass Flavored Thai Soup Prepare with Chicken/Prawn/Beef, Mushroom,
Onion, Thai Ginger, Lemon Grass, Copped Ginger, green Chili,
Corn flour and Carnation Milk)
BDT. 200.00
125 Hot & Sauer Soup
(Another Thai Delicious Soup Prepare with Medium Prawn, Served with Hot Dry
Creased Chili)
BDT. 145.00
126 Cream of Vegetable or Mushroom
(The Most Popular Soup of English Cuisine, Fresh Vegetable/Mushroom Come with
Fresh Creamy Soup)
BDT. 165.00
127 Cream of Chicken Soup BDT. 175.00
128 Vegetable Soup
(The Clear Soup Prepare with Mixed Vegetable and Fresh Vegetable Stock For
BDT. 125.00
129 Chicken Vegetable Soup
(The Clear Chicken Soup with Cube Mixed Vegetable)
BDT. 145.00
130 Chicken Corn/Noodles/Soup
(The Most Popular Soup from Chinese Cuisine, We Customized here in Two Style for you)
BDT. 150.00
131 Chicken Corn Soup
(Chicken with Corn and egg,stock water)
BDT. 155.00
132 Vegetable of The Day
(We Customized This Option to give you the Taste of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables of
Our Country. This are not Frozen Vegetables, Served with Steam Rice or Chapatti)
BDT. 160.00
133 Saute Vegetable
(Finger size Mixed Vegetable Saute with Butter, White Pepper and Salt)
BDT. 130.00
134 Thai Mixed Vegetable
(Crown and Diced Cut Vegetables Prepare with Thai Ginger, Lemon Grass, Coped Garlic,
Onion, Chili, Sauce and Corn Flour)
BDT. 160.00
Mixed Vegetable Chinese Style
(Mixed Finger Cut Vegetable Prepare with Chopped Garlic, Chopped Ginger, Corn Flour,
White Pepper and Salt.)
BDT. 150.00
136 Vegetable Sweet and Sauer
(Mixed Vegetable with Pineapple Cooked in Tomato Sauce.)
BDT. 200.00
137 Vegetable Dopiaza (Indian Style)
(Vegetable with Diced Cut Onion Cooked in White Gravy,)
BDT. 200.00
138 Vegetable Jhalfiazzi (Indian Style)
(Vegetable Cooked with Red, Brown and White Gravy)
BDT. 175.00
139 Mixed Vegetable (Indian Style)
The Most popular Recipe from Indian Cuisine, prepare with White Gravy)
BDT. 195.00
140 Saute Spines
(Spines Sauteed With Cooped Garlic, Green Chili and Butter)
BDT. 125.00
141 Alo-Motor-Tomato
(Potatoes,Green Pees and Tomato cooked with White Gravy.)
BDT. 200.00
142 Palak poneer
(Blended Spines Conked with Home Made Fresh Cheese)
BDT. 300.00
143 Vegetable Makhkhani
(Mixed Vegetable Cooked in Makhkhani Sauce, Such Prepare with Brown Onion,
C'as,stcnut, Tomato, Ginger, Garlic and Apple.)
BDT. 200.00
144 Dal Makhkhani
(Prepare with Three Kind of Indian Lenten)
BDT. 200.00
145 Achari Dal
(Cooked Dal with Mango Pickles)
BDT. 200.00
146 Chana Dal
(Indian C'abli C'hana Cooked in Indian Style)
BDT. 160.00
147 Yellow Dal
(Prepare with Local Mug Dal)
BDT. 120.00
148 Dal Butter Fry
(Lenten Sauteed with Chooed Garlic,Onion and Butter)
BDT. 135.00
149 Tomato Dal
(Prepare with Lenten and hopped Tomato)
BDT. 130.00
150 Garlic Dal
(Garlic,Coriander with Masur Dal)
BDT. 120.00
151 Dal Vegetable
(Vegetable with
BDT. 145.00
152 Plain Dal
(Prepare with local Masur Dal, Chili, Onion,)
BDT. 100.00
153 Grilled Fish
(Grilled Fish Served With Sate Vegetable)
BDT. 550.00
154 Grilled Lobster
(Sea Lobster prepare in Griller with Garlic-Tomato Sauce and Served with Green Salad,
Butter Rice and Lemon Butter Sauce.)
BDT. 1200.00
155 Fish Tandury
(6 Pcs. Of Fish Grilled in Tandury, Served With Steam Rice Or Plane Nan)
BDT. 500.00
156 Fish Dopiaza
(Cube Cut Fried Fish Cooked with Red and White Gravy)
BDT. 300.00
157 Fish Jhalfiazzi
(Cube "lit Fried Fish Cooked with White Gravy")
BDT. 300.00
158 Prawn Bhuna/Dopiaza/Malay Curry
(Special Standard Size Sea prawn Cooked in Three Style)
BDT. 450.00
159 Prawn Provencal
(Recipe From French Cuisine, Cooked with Congreesi Sauce, Served with Steam Rice.)
BDT. 450.00
160 Rui Kalia/Dopiaza
(Local Fresh Rui Fish Cooked in Mailed or Hot Spicy)
BDT. 300.00
161 Hilsha Bhuna/Country Style Fried
(Famous Padma's Hilsha, The Rare Tasty Fish of 'The World Cooked in Two Style,
Fried or Bhuna, Served with Steam Rice.)
BDT. 450.00
162 Pomfret Dopiaza/Country Style Fried
(Pomfret from Bay of Bengal , Deep Fried/Bhuna/Dopiaza withLocal Spicy, Served
with Steam Rice)
BDT. 600.00
163 Pomfret with Vegetable
(Diced Cut Deep fried Promfret, prepare with mixed Vegetables, Served with Steam Rice)
BDT. 550.00
164 Steam Pomfret
(White Sauce Toped Fillet Steamed Pomfret Served with Sauce Vegetable.)
BDT. 550.00
165 Jumbo Prawn AI-A-Swiss
(2 Pcs. King prawn of Bay o9f Bengal, prepare in griller and served with Sauce Vegetable,
Butter Potatoes and Lemon Butter Sauce)
BDT. 500.00
166 Fish Miniya
(Grilled Fish with Ginger Cream Sauce, Served with French Fry & Sauce Vegetable)

BDT. 400.00
167 Fish Lemon
(Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce & Served with Saute Vegetable & French Fry)
BDT. 400.00
168 Fish n Chips
(3 Pcs. Of Crumbed Deep Fried Sea fish, Chips and Tartar Sauce)
BDT. 400.00
169 Chicken Curry/Bhuna/Dopiaza
(Chicken my Local Style of Above is Served is with Stream Rice)
BDT. 300.00
170 Chicken Jhalfiazzi
(Chicken cooked in Red Gravy, Served with Steam Rice)
BDT. 300.00
171 Chicken Makhani
(Chicken Prepare in South Indian Style, Served with Plain Nan or Plain Rice)
BDT. 350.00
172 Chicken Butter Massalah
(Chicken Cooked in Butter, Served with Steam Rice)
BDT. 400.00
173 Coriander Chicken
(Local Chicken Cooked with Blended Corianders, Served with Steam Rice)
BDT. 350.00
174 Chicken Korma/Rezala
(Local Chicken prepare in low Style of Above is served with plain pillow)
BDT. 400.00
175 Lemon Chicken
(Lemon Flavored Chicken Served with Steam Rice)
BDT. 350.00
176 Chicken Pikata
(Cheese Toped, Fried Chicken Breast Served with Spaghetti)
BDT. 400.00
177 Chicken Saute Chaser
(Butter Fried Sliced Chicken Cooked with Chaser Sauce, Served with Steam Rice)
BDT. 400.00
178 Grilled Chicken (American Style)
(Half Boneless Chicken Prepare in (Griller, Toped with tried Egg, Comes with Finer
Chips, Sausage and Sautee Vegetable)
BDT. 500.00
179 Chicken Tandory
(Chicken Leg and Brest Grilled in Tandory with Tandory, Spicy, Comes with Steam
Rice/Plain nan. Curd Dressed Onion, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Served in Side of Platter)
BDT. 550.00
180 Chicken Boti Kabab
(Boneless Cube Chicken Grilled in Tandory, Served with Butter nan)
BDT. 400.00
181 Chicken Shik Kabab
(Minced Chicken Grilled in Tandory, Served with Plain Nan)
BDT. 400.00
182 Chicken Reshmi Kabab
(Boneless Chicken Grilled in Tandory with spicy served Butter Nan)
BDT. 550.00
183 Chicken Harialy Kabab
(Boneless Chicken Grilled in Tandory with spicy served any kinds of Nan)
BDT. 600.00
184 Chicken Tangry Kabab
(Chicken Dump Sticks with kabab masala Grilled in Tandory served with BD
Salad & French Fry)
BDT. 400.00
185 Chicken Saslic
(Cube Chicken Grilled with tomato Sauce, Served with steam Rice or Nan)
BDT. 400.00
186 Beef Bhuna/Dopaiza
(Fresh and Tender Beef Served with Steam Rice)
BDT. 350.00
187 Beef Jhalfiazzi
(Cooked with Red Gravy, Served with Steam Rice)
BDT. 350.00
188 Beef Rezala
(One of most Delicious Dice of Bangle, Served with Plain Pillow or Plain Nan)
BDT. 400.00
189 Beef with Green Chili
(Beef Cooked with Capsicum and Green Chilli in Thai Style with Steam Rice)
BDT. 400.00
190 Beef Sweet & Sauer
(Beef Cooked with Capsicum, Tomato, Cucumber, Mushroom, Baby, Corn, Pineapple
In Vinegar and Tomato Sazrce, Served with. Sleam Rice or Egg Fried Rice)
BDT. 450.00
191 Beef Oyster Sauce
(Beef Cooked with Baby corn in Thai. Style, Served with Steam Rice.)
BDT. 450.00
192 Beef Stroganoff
(Julian in Beef Cooked with Brown Sauce and Pickles, Served with Steam Rice)
BDT. 500.00
193 Beef Qulash
(Beef Cooked with Potatoes and Capsicum, Served with Steam Rice)
BDT. 400.00
194 Fillet Mignons Cafe-De-Paris
(Beef Filler Grilled on Griller, Served with Saute Vegetables, Mashed Potatoes
and Garlic Butler)
BDT. 650.00
195 Paper Steak
(Beef Steak Toped with Pepper Sauce, Served with Finger Chips and Same
BDT. 700.00
196 Tornado Steak
(Robert Sauce Toped Beef Steak on Fried Sandwich Bread, Served with Saute Vegetable and Butter
BDT. 850.00
197 T-Bone Steak
(Imported T-bone steak Grilled on Griler, Served with Fried Onion, Saute
Vegetable and Turn Potato)
BDT. 950.00
198 Beef Boti Kabab
(Served with Plain Nan or Steam Rice and Special salad)
BDT. 400.00
199 Beef Shik Kabab BDT. 375.00
200 Beef Browsed BDT. 400.00
201 Mutton Bhuna/Dopiaza
(Boneless Mutton Cooked with Red Gravy Served with Steam Rice or Butter Nan)
BDT. 400.00
202 Achari Gosh
(Cooked Mutton with Mango Pickle)
BDT. 400.00
203 Mutton Jhalfiazzi
(Mutton Cooked with Red Gravy Served with Plain Rice or Nan)
BDT. 400.00
204 Spaghetti Bolognese Style
(Imported Spaghetti Cooked with Tomato and Capsicum, Served with Minced meat
Sauce and Cheese)
BDT. 400.00
205 Spaghetti Neapolitan Setyle
(Boiled Spaghetti cooked with Tomato Congresi Sauce)
BDT. 400.00
206 Spaghetti Karabiners
(Imported Spaghetti Cooked with Beef(Chicken, Milk, & Cream)
BDT. 450.00
207 Spaghetti Ali-oli
(Imported Spaghetti Cooked with Red Chili Cut)
BDT. 350.00
208 Spaghetti Tomedho
(Imported Spaghetti Cooked with Tomato Sauce, Mushroom & Capsicum)
BDT. 450.00
209 Greave Fried Noodles Style
Bowled Noodles Served with Thai Style Gravy, Prepare with Chicken/Prawn
& Vegetable)
BDT. 300.00
210 Crispy Fried Noodles
(Deep Fried Crispy Noodles Served with Thai Style Gravy, Prepare with Chicken/
Prawn and Vegetable)
BDT. 300.00
211 Mixed Chowmine
(Prepare with Noodles, Chicken, Prawn and Vegetables)
BDT. 250.00
212 Vegetable Chowmine/Noodles
(Prepared with Chowmine or Noodles)
BDT. 220.00
213 Chicken Sandwich
(Prepare in Continental Style, Served with Finger Chips)
BDT. 220.00
214 Vegetable Sandwich
(Served with Potato Chips)
BDT. 150.00
215 Club Sandwich
(Served with Potato Chips)
BDT. 250.00
216 Arabian Sandwich
(Prepare with Pain Nan, Chicken, Cucumber, Tomato, Onion ,and Coriander Leaf)
BDT. 300.00
217 Fried Chicken Wings
(6 Pcs of Fried Chicken wings Served with Tomato or Chili Sauce)
BDT. 250.00
218 Spring Roll
(8 Pcs. of Fried Spring Roll Served with Tomato or Chili Sauce)
BDT. 150.00
219 Fish Finger
(Served with Tata Sauce)
BDT. 200.00
220 Fish Cutlet
(Served with French Fry)
BDT. 250.00
221 Chicken Cutlet
(Served with French Fry)
BDT. 200.00
222 Chicken Pakura
(6 Pcs Chicken Pakura Served with Tomato or Chili Sauce)
BDT. 250.00
223 Fried Chicken
(8 Pcs Fried Chicken Served with French Fry and Tomato/Chili Sauce)
BDT. 250.00
224 Chicken Nugget
(6 Pcs Deep Fried Nugget, Served with Tomato or Chili Sauce)
BDT. 220.00
225 Vegetable Pakura
(6 Pcs of Fried Mixed Vegetable Pakura Served with Sauce)
BDT. 220.00
226 Chicken Burger
(Sevved with Potato Chips and Coleslaw)
BDT. 250.00
227 Beef Burger
(Sevved with Potato Chips and Coleslaw)
BDT. 300.00
228 Cheese Burger
(Beef Burger Toped with Cheese, Served Potato Chips and Coleslaw)
BDT. 320.00
229 French Fry (Served with Tomato of Chili Sauce) BDT. 120.00
230 Beef Samosa (3 Pcs Served with Tomato or Chili Sauce) BDT. 150.00
231 Vegetable Samosa (3 Pcs Served with Tomato or Chili Sauce) BDT. 120.00
232 Chicken Samosa (3 Pcs Served with Tomato or Chili Sauce) BDT. 150.00
Rice/ Palow/Biriany/Nan/Parata/Chapatti
234A Steam Rice BDT. 125.00
234B Mixed Fried Rice
(Prepare with Egg, Vegetable, Chicken, Shrimp and Rice)
BDT. 300.00
234C Shrimp Fried Rice
(Prepare with Egg, Vegetable, Shrimp and Rice)
BDT. 300.00
234D Thai Chili Fried Rice
(Prepare with egg, Vegetable, Chicken, Shrimp, Chili Sauce and Rice)
BDT. 320.00
234E Thai Fried Rice
(Prepare with Tomato, Onion and Chicken)
BDT. 250.00
234F Egg/Vegetable Fried Rice BDT. 220.00
235 Plain Polaw BDT. 200.00
236 Vegetable Polaw BDT. 220.00
237 Kashmiri Polaw BDT. 250.00
238 Mutton Biriany BDT. 450.00
239 Chicken Biriany BDT. 400.00
240 Plain Nan BDT.100.00
241 Garlic Nan BDT. 120.00
242 Butter Nan BDT. 120.00
243 Plain Parata BDT.100.00
244 Butter Special Parata BDT. 120.00
245 Massallah Kulcha BDT. 150.00
246 Chapati (3Pcs) BDT. 190.00
247 Cream of Caramel Custard BDT. 200.00
248 Bread & Butter Pudding BDT. 220.00
249 Rice Pudding BDT. 150.00
250 Banana Fitter BDT. 200.00
251 Fruit Cocktail BDT. 200.00
252 Fresh Mixed Fruit Platter BDT. 220.00
253 Fresh Fruit Platter(Papaya/Pineapple/Banana) BDT. 200.00
254 Curd(Sweet/Plain) BDT. 150.00
255 Ice Cream (3 Scope) BDT. 150.00
256 Apple Pie with Ice Cream BDT. 200.00
257 Soft Drinks Coke/Pepsi/Imported BDT. 130.00
258 Soft Drinks 7up/Sprite/Imported BDT. 130.00
259 Soft Drink(Any Can) BDT. 80.00
260 Soda water BDT. 125.00
261 Lassi (Sweet/Salted) BDT. 130.00
262 Milk Shade (Any Flavored) BDT. 150.00
263 Fresh Lime Juice BDT. 80.00
264 Fresh Lime Soda BDT. 145.00
265 Mineral Water(Evian) Imported BDT. 300.00
266 Tonic Water BDT. 160.00
267 Water(2L) BDT. 60.00
268 Water(1.5L) BDT. 50.00
269 Water (S) BDT. 30.00
270 Fresh Papaya Juice BDT. 150.00
271 Fresh Pineapple Juice BDT. 150.00
272 Apple Juice (Container) BDT. 180.00
273 Mango Juice (Fresh or Container) BDT. 220.00
274 Orange Juice BDT. 250.00
275 Carrot Juice BDT. 295.00
276 Cocktail Juice BDT. 180.00
277 Pamela Juice BDT. 180.00
278 Tomato Juice BDT. 180.00
279 Watermelon BDT. 180.00
280 Tea (Readymade/ Seperate) BDT. 80.00
281 Coffee (Readymade/ Seperate) BDT. 100.00
282 Ice Tea BDT. 70.00
283 Chinese Tea BDT. 45.00
284 Ice Coffee BDT. 120.00
285 Masala Tea BDT. 150.00
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